Monday, December 3, 2007

Rain Cloud

Rain Cloud Necklace
Originally uploaded by emmakat79
I'll just say this new necklace I've made has felt particularly appropriate the last several days. That's Seattle Winter for you!


Rekoj said...

Pretty!!! If the rain brings out these kinds of lovelies then it can't be all bad... =)

ambika said...

I *love* this necklace. A very cool idea executed beautifully.

And I'm jealous you have a gocco. I'm too scared to play with ink--I'm convinced I'll stain everything in sight.

Emma said...

Thanks you guys! It's one of those rare pieces that turned out exactly as I imagined it. Makes me so happy when that happens!

So far the ink has been pretty controllable, and I'm a major mess maker when it comes to thinks like ink. I love gocco!