Friday, February 11, 2011

Whisper Cardigan: Part Two

Whisper Cardigan, Part 2

Part two may look small, it's the band of ribbing you can see at the bottom and top in the picture above, but it seemed to go much slower than part one. Size 2 needles, K1 P1 over 230 or so stitches. After about an inch I was thinking "monotonous knitting is monotonous" as I knit. But in the end it's a very nice detail.

Whisper Cardigan, Part 2

You may recall I mentioned I did a provision cast on and put stitches on a holder as I was doing part one, varying some from the pattern, to avoid picking up some stitches. Well, in retrospect, I probably wouldn't have minded pickup an extra 32 stitches since I was picking up another 264 (I think) anyway, and also think it probably gives the construction a more consistent look. It's not a huge issue either way, since this happens in the underarm where you won't see it, but if I did it over again I would probably just go with the pattern instructions.

I also had to run over to Knit/Purl to get myself a pair of size two needles. I ended up rationalizing that the fancy Addi Lace Needles would be very useful for this and future projects. I'm not sure if they helped speed up my knitting on this project or not, but now I'm anxious to use them again. Now I'm having thoughts about trying to learn the magic loop method for knitting socks two at a time or just finding an very intense lace project. First I need to finish this project...and possibly that knit dress that is so close to finished...

Pattern: Whisper Cardigan by Hannah Fettig from Interweave Knits Spring 2009
Yarn: Suhrim Trading Co. Ltd.'s Muse in Olive, a Linen, Rayon & Metallic Blend