Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Whisper Cardigan: Part Three - the Finished Object (FO)

My Whisper Cardigan is finished! And now that it's done I'm really anxious for spring and summer. It is just a light accessory, really, not providing much in the way of warmth. However, I know when summer rolls around I'm going to love wearing this. It's green, sparkley (that little bit of metallic in the yarn) and really comfortable.

Whisper Cardigan Whisper Cardigan

It's a project that's really all about the back where you can see how all of the pieces come together. I made the last part about 2 inches longer than the pattern calls for (otherwise this is pretty much precisely per the pattern) because the 8" length was definitely way too short for me. Even so, I am not expecting it to tie in the front or meet much at all. I felt like that wouldn't be entirely in the wispy spirit of this pattern. I stopped at a 10" length from the ribbing band because I was getting a little tired of so much stockinette stitch, also because I'm always concerned (perhaps overly) about the potential future use of any scrap yarn. Since I have over an ounce left of it now, that should almost be enough to use for some other small project, though nothing very huge. While I like the idea of trying to get a mini version of knitty's annis, I probably shouldn't convince myself of anything until I do some swatching.

Whisper Cardigan 
This picture gives you a better idea of the fun curling the fronts of the cardigan do, and of the sparkleyness!

The Pattern: Whisper Cardigan by Hannah Fettig from Interweave Knits Spring 2009
The Yarn: Suhrim Trading Co. Ltd.'s Muse in Olive, a Linen, Rayon & Metallic Blend

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