Sunday, February 6, 2011

Portlandia Episode Three

Well, this is actually the song from the end credits of last week's episode, which on its own is great ("underemployed coffee drinkers," "vegan bakers" & "hippies of endless variations." woot!)  but someone set it to a video of the view from the OHSU Aerial Tram. Yeah, we still need to do that. But now I will surely be singing this song on the way up. I've almost got it memorized.

This week's episode covered a lot of the weird, including dumpster divers, strip clubs (we actually just walked by the one featured on the episode & of course there was a bike out front), & Aimee Mann as Carrie & Fred's Maid. But I liked this clip for the tiny coffee and the dog thing at the end:

Also the biker guy proclaiming everything is over was pretty good. Shell Art is Over! But no feminist bookstore this week. I missed it! Maybe next week.

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