Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Music: A Portland Music Video, Emusic Finds & More

This new Portland band AgesandAges released an album last week. I don't have it yet, but I'm excited about it! It's produced by Kevin Robinson from Viva Voce and Blue Giant. And this video was filmed in the St. Johns Neighborhood, with the gorgeous St Johns Bridge (in Cathedral Park) featured heavily at the end:

In other music news, I think my emusic download this month is going to be "Um, Uh Oh" by Say Hi. You can listen to an Exclusive Stream on Paste (a short commercial you seem to be able to skip is first though) I just discovered them by browsing around on emusic, and I really don't know much about them yet but I like what I'm hearing, especially the second track, "Devils."

Of course I went to look at emusic to try and make up my mind about my downloads before the month is through and got distracted by an interview with the band Tennis. (btw, still not adjusted to emusic's switch from credits to'd think it would be a good switch, but I had a good system in place for figuring out how to use all my credits, and I don't seem to be doing as well with the dollar balance.) They talk about meeting as philosophy students and being inspired by an 8 month boat trip they took. Just the sorts of things I love finding out about before I listen to new music. I found this link to a stream of the latest album, .

And lastly, Lucinda Williams is on my list of awesome musicians I really really (really) still need to see perform live. Up until the release date of her new album, which is March 1st, you can listen to it on NPR's First Listen.

Update: AgesandAges should have no spaces, good to know.

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