Friday, February 18, 2011

Knitting for a newborn?

A friend's due date is sneaking up on me very quickly, and I just have to knit some things for her. This will be the first time I've knit for a baby or child at all. On one hand I am excited, just envisioning many quickly produced and satisfying F.O.s On the other hand I'm kind of baffled. Babies grow quickly and make messes. What kinds of patterns are good, and what yarn works well? I am thinking it's a pretty safe bet that MACHINE WASHABLE (in all caps like that) is the major factor in yarn choice. However, I'm also thinking softness, and quality are also important in this kind of gift giving.

I may eventually end up stashing for the project(s?) that I chose for this endeavor, but right now I'm thinking about the possibility of using up some stash yarn too. Partly because it is Friday and I'm thinking it might be fun to start off with a nice quick weekend project. Just few of the contenders, and I'm sure I have plenty of bits I could use up too if I find the right project(s) for them:

Caron Spa Sublime Cotonade
Caron Spa: 75% Acrylic, 25% Bamboo, DK, Light Gray, stashed: 1 skein = 251 yards
Sublime Yarns Organic Cotton: 100% cotton, DK, Nutmeg, statshed: 1 skein = 120 yards
Cottonade: 100% Cotton, Worsted, Teal, statshed: 1 skein = 83 yards

I've queued a few projects which I probably have to make at some point, wether it's statsh yarn or requires a purchase. Of course something with a cat is an appropriate gift from me. I think this kitty buddy blanket from Stitch Therapy is pretty adorable:

And booties seem like they'd be quick, fun and use up scrap yarn. These are from Saartje Knits:

I'd like to make a garment too, some kind of sweater, but I'm not sure what age would be best to plan on making it for. And I'm feeling a little overwhelmed since there are so many patterns for babies out there. Any suggestions, yarn recommendations, stories, tips, etc. would be greatly appreciated! 


VeganCraftastic said...

I loove the Saartje booties, I've knit them in red and pink cotton for a baby and they came out adorable! We've had a lot of babies born to ladies in our knit night group and it seems like everyone knits sweaters in sizes larger than newborn. They grow super fast at that stage so most knitters in my group seem to knit 3 or 6 month sizes. I'd also say that cardigans are better than pullovers for wee ones, since they're easier for mom to put on and take off. The Baby Surprise jacket is one of the most popular patterns that my friends have used, I haven't knit one yet, but I really want to! Wow, I have a lot to say for someone who doesn't have kids, lol ;)

Leslie said...

The Saartje's bootees are the cutest new baby item I've seen so far. My neighbor is expecting twins & the shower is in 2 weeks--I think I'll try those.

Emma K. Nolan said...

Thanks for the input! I think I may dig up some leftover cotton-ease for the booties. That's exactly what I was wondering about sizing. I've had a debbie bliss ribbed cardigan in my queue for ages, might go for that one in the 3-6 month range!