Saturday, February 12, 2011

Portlandia Episode Four

I really liked the episode this week. Carrie and Fred go looking for the Mayor (Kyle McLaughlin) who has been missing for days. Our actual Mayor, Sam Adams, was in it briefly again too, which makes me smile. Of course I actually missed it the first time and had to rewind because it wasn't a speaking part, it was only a few seconds, during which time I was probably looking at my knitting. No feminist bookstore, but Aubry Plaza was on again, house sitting for the Put a Bird on it Couple (P.S. I have one of the white Ikea vases featured in their home. The Put a bird on it couple has very good taste.):

Prunella Soap of the PDX Etsy team created a Portlandia themed "Put a Bird on it" Treasury! I have to admit I was thinking about doing this myself and wondering if anyone would be offended. Personally I think it was  funny while also believing that things really do look better with birds. Here's a link to the first sketch with the Put a Bird on it couple for a refresher.

I throughly enjoyed the introduction of a hippie bike girl to counter the biker guy. And although I had seen the "Did you read it?" sketch a few times already it's one of my favorites. ("Did you read the thing in Mother Jones about eco-chairs and eco-ways to sit?") And I couldn't help but laugh again at Chuck this morning when he asked me if i had read something yet. Yeah, we do do that. 

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