Thursday, February 17, 2011

Portland Walks: Broadway Bridge & Mississippi Ave.

Union Station Restoration Work Resource Access Center Under Construction
First off, before we crossed the bridge, it was nice to see some construction going on! Restoration work on the train station, and a new project by Holst Architects, a "resource access center" which will have a homeless shelter and housing. This article explains the housing project, and this one talks about the station, which looks like it's getting lots of long overdue funding from a variety of sources. On the other hand I was impressed with the amount of settlement happening in this old storefront nearby.

Broadway Bridge Broadway Bridge
We crossed the Broadway bridge for this trip across the river, which means we've now crossed all the pedestrian friendly bridges near the downtown area. Chuck once crossed the Morrison bridge without me, which I guess is not terribly pedestrian friendly, but is doable. So technically I haven't done them all yet. Anyway, I really liked the mural from the Albers Mill building right up against the bridge. I believe it is now only used as an office building, but as an historic building, over 100 years old, things like the mural have been preserved and retouched. I looks great, and there are two illustrations of the peacock.

Mississippi Ave. Cart Area Palmer House
So we wandered around a bit on the other side of the river, eventually ending up on Mississippi Ave. with no particular purpose. It's a nice area though, and a nice mix of food carts, residential, little shops, and restaurants. It was the day before Valentine's day and the flower and wine shops were definitely busy. I had to take a picture of the food cart on the left for my parents. When we were in New York City (all they way back in 2001, yeesh) we saw impressive gem shop comprised of plexiglas and binder clips. This is a little fancier, looks a bit more stable, using reclaimed windows. Possibly from the awesome rebuilding center down the street. On the right is the Palmer house, a Victorian house from 1890.

The View Beyond Fremont Bridge On-Ramps
Heading back into the city we walked under the Fremont Bridge, definitely not one we will be trying to cross on foot. Two four lane decks, and we were walking right under where that all came together.  It reminded me of Celtic knots, so much coming together at the same spot. 

Birds are Interested
Lastly, as we came back across the Broadway bridge, a grain barge had docked, much to the delight of all the birds in the area. We spent a little bit of time watching all the excitement.


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