Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pink & purple knits

Last weekend I started the irresistible Rapunzel stockings from the latest knit.1 magazine. Picked up four skeins of Maizy yarn from the LYS. It's mostly corn, and I wasn't sure how well it would out for this pattern. Turns out I've got gauge exactely. Woot! And it has a neat feel to it, I think. I taught myself the toe-up technique, which was actually pretty fun. I needed some extra lighting to be sure I was doing what I thought I was doing, but other than that it wasn't too hard. Anyway, it's come along. One at a time, since I've only got one set of size two double pointed needles, but I think I'll be alright. I'm interested in practicing that toe-up thing again.

Last night I took a break from that project and grabbed some scraps I've been meaning to knit up into something. Now chuck claims that the yarn is not pink at all and is more of a hummus color than pumice (the color indicated on the label.) I know it's subtle, but's pink. Anyway, I have very particular color themes in mind for my coats...white with blue accessories, red with tan or white accessories. I have a tan spring coat, which looks nice with green or the rust & earthy colors from the chain scarf I made. I don't know where this subtle pink color fits in with any of that.

But the point was to knit up some scraps. The Rowan Holiday yarn is nice, soft and squishy with the added bonus of being quick and fun to work with. Too bad they discontinued it. Something this bulky is not easy to find in the animal-free yarn world. For now you can still find some of it around the internet, which has me tempted to stash more...but I really have enough on my hands as it is. Well ok, I just did the math, and I have enough stashed for roughly 15 projects where I actually do have something in mind and then various extra yarn that something could be done with. That doesn't sound as bad as I was expecting....but I still feel like there needs to more finishing before more stashing can reasonably occur. unless there's some kind of deal...