Monday, August 11, 2008

Help me I'm blogging my feet feet
Originally uploaded by emmakat79
What have I done? Uploading my big old feet onto flickr, posting pictures of them on Ravelry, Blogger....I think my knitting habit is official out of hand. Or perhaps this is part of why I haven't done much sock knitting so far. I will say that despite the fact that I'm basically knitting with toothpicks (aka US size 1.5 needles) it's coming along quickly enough. K. That's all for now. Just wanted you all to know I've lost it. Sad part is you know there are more photos to come since this is just an early wip shot.


Rekoj said...

I'm kinda digging the ankle cuff look though... =)

Emma said...

Haha! And with the pointy sticks...I think we've got a winning look!

LizzyT said...

That is a great pic! I love knitting but have never attempted socks, it is something on my 'to do' list.