Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mom's Birthday!

Birthday Cake 8-3-08
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Tomorrow is my Mom's Birthday! It's also her first day at her new job. So we celebrated over a Sunday Lunch at my apartment with Cake, pictured. Posting here this weekend has been a little light since we've been up in my parents neighborhood trying to help them get settled. They arrived Thursday, their stuff arrived Friday and we've seen them everyday since then! That's a big difference from the 2 or so times a year we've been doing the last few years.

Anyway, they took the Red Line to our place from their neighborhood, which I believe must run slower on weekends or wasn't quick. Hopefully the purple line Mom's planning on taking to work tomorrow morning runs faster! Well, they got the tour of the apartment and our building. We're still waiting on that couch so our seating options are limited, but we had food! I improvised a pasta salad for lunch that ended up turning out pretty well, after chuck's suggestion to add more oil. I was working off a recipie I used last week for black bean salad And as always the carrot cake from Vegan with a Vengance was fantastic, I owe all the credit to the great recipie.

We ended the visit with a trip to Sam's Wine & Spirits near the station my parents were already headed toward. I used their cool computer bar encyclopedia thing to look up a drink to make with leftover pineapple juice from the carrot cake recipie. I ended up printing out the recipie for a Beach Bum. Hopefully sometime this week my parents will stop by again and we can mix up some drinks!


Steve said...

I love mixed drinks with pinapple juice...oh, you mean that kind of mixed drink. :)

I hope to live in a city with a real transportation system one day. Sounds like you're getting used to Chicago quickly.

Happy Birthday to your mom!

Tina said...

Thanks for the advice on blade changing. I never know when to change so I just end up getting frustrated. Now that I'm starting off with a really good blade, I'll be able to gauge it better.

That pasta salad looks yummy. That might be a good way to get my boys to eat broccoli.