Friday, August 15, 2008

Call for Reinforcements

I just posted my first alchemy request-for a winter coat. I'm in Chicago now so winter I expect is a very serious thing. So I've been scouring Nordstrom (+rack), Filene's Basement, and anywhere that might potentially have some coats since I dunno...last march or so. Actually I think that's what prompted the purchase of two lighter jackets at Nordstrom not long ago (one pictured here.) Jackets are a fun item to shop for, and if they put me on What not to Wear, I'm sure Stacy & Clinton would stop me at some point and tell me I really needed some pants. (yes, I've recent joined the wardrobe_remix pool on flickr, and realize all my pants do come from NY&Co because I just like the fit.)

Last year I (somewhat) tragically ended up wearing all too often a blue "down" poly-filled number from REI (Which I'm also sure was too light for a "real" winter) I had intended to use only for outdoors-y pursuits. This year I want to look cool. And be warm. And fantastic in every way. So I've been looking. So far, best I've got is the CK number, which is at least only 20% wool....something...but I am sure Mr. Klein has very little concern about how sheep are sheered (warning about that last link, if you watch videos, etc. it's pretty intense) But, Etsy, I've found very little in the way of acceptable vegan coat options that work and are awesome. And I love you Etsy, so Please help me!


Katie said...

Nothing wrong with NY&Co dress pants... I'm nineteen and that's were I get mine... some of the fits are very chic and young looking so Stacy and Clinton can just kiss my butt (through my NY&Co pants!)

LoL... just thought I would leave a comment and tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog!

Emma said...

Thanks! I actually need more pants, I'll probably be back soon! LOL