Tuesday, August 12, 2008

As we happened by the Zoo

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Yesterday around closing time, we happened by the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is free. (Otherwise we wouldn't have been there.) I am not entirely sure how long it's been since I've been to a Zoo..it was probably back in Columbus (Jack Hanna's Zoo.) They are strange places, and not a single creature looks like it has an adequate amount of space. I'm sure Lincoln Park, being free and all, is probably not the best example of recent changes in Zoo design to provide more natural habitats. From what I understand, the Zoo in Seattle (which I never saw) is one of the first examples of that kind of thinking. Even so, it seems like an outdated idea...and though I have to admit I've sorta argued with Chuck about it in the past (in which my argument amounts to remembering having fun at zoos as a kid, some of the zoos have various programs to help repopulate wildlife, but basically agreeing he's right.) seeing a bunch of kids yelling at the lions to get them to growl and no parent trying to stop them makes me wonder what exactly Zoos are there for, if not to teach kids some respect for these animals. (Fortunately a guard eventually came by and kicked us all out at closing time.)

Still...the animals are very beautiful, there's no denying. And the way each of them were perched on their own rocks was adorable. Comparisons to my own cat must be drawn!

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Kayce said...

It often makes me sad to go to zoos. Since having my son - I've come to enjoy them a bit more though. We've learned about conservation programs and their efforts to educate society in how we can help save many of our endangered species. It is zoos that have sparked the interest in animals that my son has and his drive to save them. Sadly, most parents don't make the most of the teaching opportunity that a zoo can provide.

While I do feel sorry for the animals in captivity - I do appreciate what they have done for my son.