Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Watching what we eat.

Macaroni & (cashew) Cheese
Originally uploaded by emmakat79
Actually, more like watching what I cook. I have found a new (to me) use for my flickr account in documenting food dishes I make. I tend to cook kinda fancy, and in the past that has meant sporadically. Cause fancy means quite a bit of effort. But recently I've found it a little easier to cook, I guess I'm getting used to it, and motivating to snap a shot or two and actually look at what I've done. I figure in addition to the sense of accomplishment, this will be a great way to keep a sort of visual diary on the subject. I've actually been meaning to keep a regular diary to make notes ("more spices, less, not good at all") on recipes I've tried, rather than going through the process of making it again to find out these things. I'm hoping at least a visual reference will give me an idea of how successful I felt each dish was. So look for more meals to come!


Anonymous said...

Gosh.. That's great food.. Sadly I cant eat cheese.. nice way of interpreting flickr..

Emma said...

This is a vegan recipie from the Real Food Daily cookbook, pretty good and "cheesy"!

Rekoj said...

Yum! That looks spectacular!
And I'm one of those weirdos who are quite tempted by brussel sprouts too. mmmmm!
What a fabulous idea for flickr - you're smart!

Kayce said...

That looks yummy!