Monday, August 18, 2008

The Balance

of flickr, blogger, twitter, ravelry, facebook...and so on. How is that achieved?
So this weekend I joined twitter. Because I am impressionable. And I read the Slog. There was a post the other day proclaiming that twitter was no longer cool since a Seattle politician was using it. So I react by thinking, hm, one more fun silly internet thing, am I signed up for it yet? No? Well it's really easy to sign up! So now I'm doing that too. We shall see how long that lasts. And how it affects real blog entries. Yesterday my thought was that I had sort of blogged about the trip we made to the Conservatory because I twittered about it, but it's not really the same thing.

And I suppose there's some other major news that I twittered, but have not blogged about. For example we are now CARLESS, Chuck sold his vehicle Saturday morning. It didn't fair too well after hauling a trailer of our stuff & driving across the country for the second time...and costs a lot to park the car in our neighborhood. Plus Transit here is pretty much just as good as having a car, and we will be looking into joining a car-share program for larger grocery runs, etc. And we're both hoping we will be able to purchase some really nice bikes in the near future. It's exciting, but feels very odd since neither of us has really been entirely without a car our whole lives. But there are so many reasons it's a good thing. Even though we both consider ourselves to be concerned about the environment and aware of the impact of the things we do, being carless in the USA, the midwest no less is a cultural shift. I don't think it will actually be that difficult, but it may take a while to feel mentally adjusted.

Also, today is Chuck's first day as a student, he's orientating on the IIT campus as I type. After a 5 year break from school he's a student again. And I can't wait to hear about how his day goes!


Rekoj said...

Congratualtions on going carless! That is so super!
I too struggle with the website maintenance overload balance - I manage by keeping a folder in my favorites with all the daily spots and open it up and go down the list. Well, I try to anyways =)

Emma K. Nolan said...

Thanks, we didn't really expect to go carless, but did want to use it less anyway, so I guess it's just as well.
I do really need to organize my bookmarks and everything so I can do it that way...seems like a big task though!