Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spoonflower time!

When Sara of Rekoj posted about Spoonflower fabrics a few weeks back I knew there was gonna be a new thing to mess with. But I was about to move to Chicago, lots of stuff was going on so I didn't have time to play. Well now that I am sorta settled (though there is still a ton of stuff I should be doing instead) I've been playing. Spoonflower is a neat site that prints your designs onto nice cotton fabric at a reasonable price. It's currently in beta, and you have to sign up and wait a little bit in order to join. Well, I did that promptly after reading Sara's post and I've been wanting to play with it ever since.

So my flickr photostream is quickly filling up with pattern ideas. I'm not really sure yet what I might do with some of these patterns, but I keep waking up with new ideas I want to play with. And I tend toward black and blue color wise thus far. I suppose having just moved I can make up some home decor type items like place mats or pillows. Or perhaps some small projects like cute little pouches or book covers. Though this all sounds like a large undertaking for a very novice sewer....and I certainly don't need more projects. (ahem...two active knitting projects, more in hibernation, an etsy shop to maintain, "we've moved" gocco cards to make, a new city to explore and more, I'm sure) can I resist at least send one or two of these off for 8"x8" samples?

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Rekoj said...

Oooo I really love the circly one! I haven't done anything with mine yet but I agree - it is quite fun to play!