Thursday, July 24, 2008

Irwin @ the Getty

" If you start doing things in the public domain, it has to live with change."

When we went to LA last October the Getty Center was one of my major destinations. Not particularly because of the art galleries or the architecture but because of the Landscape design by Robert Irwin. When I was in undergrad at OSU he came to speak about this project. It was inspiring, and possibly the only reason a little voice pops into the back of my head saying "hey, maybe a degree in Landscape architecture would be fun too!" His discussion of the project was inspiring enough, but being there just felt like being inside a sculpture somehow. Anyway, I bring you this rare, third blog post of the day because there's currently a brief interview with Irwin regarding his reflections on this work after 10 years, which you can read here.

(For pictures from our visit go here.)

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