Thursday, July 10, 2008


Clean windows are a good thing. Though the suction cup men really disturbed the cat. Lucy decided last night to be freaked out for some reason after several perfectly normal days. We left to run some errands and heard her crying at the door. I came back to check on her and let her explore the hallway a little. The hallway is bright yellow, by the way. (A clear attempt to emulate the Koolhaus Seattle Public Library.) Anyway, she spent the rest of the day and evening very concerned about the other side of the door, two more exploration attempts didn't help.

Today just when she woke up enough to start up her concern for what was behind the door the men with the suction cups adhered themselves to our windows. Well...that drove her to hide in the closet. She even forgot to bother us for food at her feeding time, poor cat.

Anyway, I am pleased that we now have freshly cleaned windows and I took a panoramic of our view. And....I think Lucy will get over the trauma....I hope so.

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Rekoj said...

Wow! What a sight!
Though I must agree with Lucy - If men with suction cups suddenly appeared at my window I would be a little disturbed as well!