Tuesday, July 15, 2008

F.O.s and new items in the shop

I am finally getting some items photographed and listed in my shop. Items that I finished making way back in May but haven't managed to get posted yet. I used the Sky Garden in our new apartment building in Chicago...and um...learned once again why this place is known as the windy city. (The last blue turquoise necklace should be up in the shop later today.)

I also finished a sack this week, which my cat seemed to really want to be photographed with. It's made with Knit 1 Crochet too's 2nd Time cotton, which is a recycled fiber. I figured it be the perfect choice for a market bag, pattern from the purl bee.


Dawn said...

My old roommate, who was from Chicago, insisted that the Windy City nickname had to do with politics, not weather. (Politicians talking lots in Chicago = wind.) I have to say that it's the weather, too, though!

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