Saturday, July 5, 2008

I made a Sale!

Some time during all of the stuff going on this last week I had a sale! Yay! I haven't had a chance to ship it off promptly as I normally would have because of all of this moving business. And now that things have finally calmed down a bit the post offices are closed. Well, first thing Monday morning I'll be back on track.

The item sold was the necklace pictured above. It was one of the first pieces I made in my recent return to my childhood hobby of beading. The v-shaped hematite beads are leftovers from that time. And I believe the seed beads came from my boyfriends bead collection. He gave me a bunch of his beads from a phase in high school I guess after we'd been dating about a year. The compliment the V's nicely.

Anyway, I've made a few more asymmetrical necklaces similar to this yet to be listed. They feature oval/petal shaped glass beads and I made several in different colors. Maybe when things calm down a little bit more (soon I hope) You'll see some new stuff! (which is actually becoming fairly old to me at this point...but new to the shop!)

P.S. look at all that green peaking into the background! That's Queen Anne in Seattle, the place I don't live any more. :( Though Chicago is looking good right now too...look for pictures of fire escapes and fountains on my flickr soon!

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