Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am back

We returned from our somewhat brief trip to Columbus, OH. I'm afraid I wasn't much good helping my Mom & Dad pack for their move (which happens this week, on friday!) I kept trying, I'd get up and look around and think "I just did this!" and also it is not easy to pack up someone else's stuff. It looked like they had the essentials.

But we had a good visit. My Aunt Leslie was there from Colorado/Tuscon and we visited with my grandma, my aunt Cheryl and my cousins Tim and Jill. I also got to meet Jill's boyfriend Danny for the first time and he made an excellent vegan tofu dish for us with Thai Basil & wide Rice Noodles. Yum!

So that was my last visit to the house my family has lived in since I was 5....23 years! Although my parents are moving this week I know my dad will be back and forth a few times to get rid of stuff they are leaving and working towards selling the house. I don't feel too sentimental about it, perhaps because I am excited to see them in their new place here in Chicago, which in many ways seems like a better fit... Columbus has looked stranger and stranger to me over the past few years (see flat and low/few tall buildings.) Between living in the same city again and all the new stuff we all have to explore I really can't see any of us being bored for years to come.

Meanwhile, the trip back to Columbus meant about 12 hours in the car, and so I'm nearly done with this leaf cardigan I started last week!


Steve said...

Ahh...what a nice trip down Emma's memory lane.

You really made that cardigan? NICE!

BTW, your blog has finally be linked to Seattle-Mathletes. You're now a celebrity, just like Obama and Britney. :)

Emma said...

LOL! Thanks Steve. Yep, It's not quite done yet, and I ran out of closed to completion!