Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Something happy happened!

I sold my little red and black necklace today! I hardly knew it. I just made it Sunday and today I'm ready to ship it off to the buyer! Which is really exciting and made my day. I stared at my the one little black flower bead wondering what I could do with just the one bead. Then when I went to bed I came up with the necklace as I was falling asleep. I guess if there's only one bead it's going to be asymmetrical. Anyway, I was really happy with that design and it's so cool that someone else is too.


Brandi said...

Hi Emma! Congrats on selling your necklace (is it the one down below? SUPER cool, and I'm kinda sad I didn't get a chance to buy it myself, haha)!

I'm trying to process your Indiepublic Blog Ring submission, but the code needs to be on your page first. Let me know if you need any help with it or if you need to code again! Thanks!

Rekoj said...

A first "real" sale MUST be celebrated!!!!