Saturday, October 13, 2007

Poster for Etsy

Etsy has all these funny things that can totally distract someone like me. I just finished making a poster for one of their poster sketch challenges. I guess sometime after 1pm tomorrow they'll pick a few of these entries to feature on the homepage. The theme was housewarming or hostess gifts...I decided to make mine all blue. Really that was the only theme, but it's kind of interesting how you can see lesser themes sneaking their way in because they are my taste. (And I know birds are ridiculously trendy right now, but I still like them. In fact I think I'm happy they are trendy.)

Anyway, this is how etys has distracted me from my other etsy related projects. Mainly I've got about 10 things I'm supposed to be messing with photographing right now. And that all is set up and I've been doing here and there...but etsy is distracting me!


imakecutestuff said...

Hi Emmakat!
Just wanted to officially say, "Welcome!" to EtsyRain! Your work is beautiful :) I totally heart your blue / birds poster too -- I really love that birds are trendy could they now be? They're SO cute!! :) -- Marlo M.

Emma said...