Thursday, October 4, 2007

Getting Sleepy

Webbed Necklace
Originally uploaded by emmakat79

Originally uploaded by emmakat79

I must've stayed up a little too late last night working on the Halloween necklace. It was an effort to get myself to figure out how to photograph this one, but I really wanted to tonight.

I'm debating posting a few things. I was thinking it's helpful to see what the necklaces look like on, and I've been dreading doing a photoshoot like that. It's one thing when they're on the table, I picky enough about that. But now were talking pictures of me and I dunno. I may convince myself the table is good enough.

But, come to think of it, I'm pretty sleepy and not in the mindset to describe anything really well anyway. So I can think about what I want to say a bit more and if I really need to take more pictures.

We also photographed parentheses on the graph paper, it seems to work. I've had these V-beads forever. Even so, now I can't help but think of the song by The Blow.

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