Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 in Review in Photos

I meant to post this closer to NYE but I didn't get around to. I got distracted having fun making some city flag themed banners for the post that I promptly lost my steam for writing up an actual post right after I finished them. So I got discouraged by that and the fact that I spent some time in Middletown, OH this year too, and as far as I can tell from Googling it's a city without a flag. ("Do you have a flag?"

Anyway, a few years back I started doing "annual highlights" sets on flickr. It's a handy way for me to find some of my favorite photos I've taken. It also ends up being a nice way to reflect on the big events and small pleasantries of the year. And there's always plenty of fun pictures of knitting, and Chuck and Lucy.

2010 was split nearly in two by living in Chicago for the first half, then moving to Portland, OR in August. There was some overlap, a trip to Portland to find our apartment, then back to Chicago to see some of the sights we hadn't seen yet (though, that place is huge, there will still be tons more to see when I go back to visit with my parents.) Then in September I spent some time hanging out in Columbia, SC for Janie & Matt's Wedding (Janie & I went to Ohio State together.)

Colder Calder Closed for the season with & without Really cool flower Pondering Gerhy It's Actually in there Chicago Water Taxi
Springhaas Ferris Wheel Capacity and then some Urn and Back Porch Eye, still fenced off Towers Arthur B. Heurtley House 
Some Highlights:  The Field Museum (twice), Botanic Garden (also twice, I think?), Chuck's IIT Graduation, Water Taxi, Field Museum & Navy Pier with Janie, Free She & Him Concert at the Pritzker, Planting the Robie House, watching the Eyeball scuplture go up, crazy weather, and exploring Oak Park!

Swallows White Roses Views Doggie Vegan Sausage & Maple Waffles Bedroom Art Trekkies in Line
Crowd for the Oregon Symphony  Vita Cafe Sample Lan Su Chinese Garden Gather Indigo  Pop-up Shop Window Hawthorne Bridge
Some Highlights: Lots of exploring! Roses, Swallows, Bridges, climbing into the hills, food carts, a live performance of an episode of Star Trek, the Oregon Symphony on the Waterfront, the Chinese garden (twice!), Showing my parents the city & visiting the Japanese Garden with them, checking out the Pop-up shops, and decorating our apartment (in general when we moved in and some paper crafting around Christmas!)

Washington  Kitty (Hermione) Last minute shopping the night before The Morning of the Event Janie and Lake Matt and Janie Tom and Janie
And then the highlight of the trip to Columbia was of course the wedding, but I also had a good time exploring the city, getting to know the Groom and the Cat, hanging out at the Lake, getting last minute supplies, and taking pictures of everyone playing croquet in their fancy dresses! Oh, and um...jumping in the lake in my dress was fun too.  And the dress recovered just fine!

If 2011 is filled with even half as much adventure and exploration it should be pretty good! Though hopefully there will be no more concerns with Lucy like we had this year right when we moved! It will probably be nice to be settled down and exploring Portland, mainly. If I made any resolutions this year, I think I've pretty much already broken them, as per my usual way of dealing with the new year...I sort of waffle on when I'm going to start my resolutions until it kind of seems pointless to even think of them as New Years resolutions anymore...but that's okay, I tend to do alright with making and accomplishing my goals throughout the year without focusing on just this one day. Well...that is unless they have something to do with (evil evil) laundry. One of these days I'll conquer that never-ending task!


affectioknit said...

I just went and looked at your flickr for Columbia SC - I used to live there and it was fun to see all of the old sites again - Lake Murray was one of our favorite places...

Emma K. Nolan said...

The lake was so lovely! I'm glad I finally got to go visit, hopefully I'll make it back sometime this year, or perhaps early next year.