Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun new graphics!

I liked my previous banner, but since I sold 3 out of the five necklaces featured there and had no immediate plans to make more in that style, I was thinking about making myself a new banner.  Then there's the fact that my shop now has knit and paper goods in addition to jewelry, and the old banner didn't reflect either of those types of items. I had been playing around for a little bit with making a knit graphic and finally spent some time playing with it again this weekend and came up with some images I liked. I did a lot of playing around and ended up with a few variations I like and I think will keep. 

For the Etsy shop a string of beads, loops of yarn on a needle and a clear listing of what's in this shop!:

For the Blog, just knits (I do focus on knitting projects here a lot), I thought I'd be a little playful and entwined my name into the pattern:

For my Facebook Fan Page, and perhaps something similar for business cards when I need them again:

For the Website:
I had thrown up a quick little website a few months ago that i'd been meaning to update with something more, well, update-able. I liked what I had going on with these graphics so much I decided to play with it again. There's not a ton there, it was just a fun little project to play with, and I may put up some announcements about the shop every so often in the News section. It's probably something I'll mess with every now and then.  


VeganCraftastic said...

Very nice, I especially love the graphic for your Facebook fan page :)

Emma K. Nolan said...

Thanks! I had fun. I'm glad to have finally figured out how to draw some stitches!