Saturday, January 29, 2011

Portlandia Episode Two

Episode two featured Mayor Sam Adams, although Kyle MacLachlan was actually playing the mayor in this episode. Mayor Sam was popping his head in to provide technical assistance. The Mayor was concerned with making sure Portland did not seem anything like Seattle. It got me thinking, they really are quite different, in spite of all the Pacific Northwest similarities. Unfortunately that particular clip doesn't seem to be available online, however I thought I might as well post the two clips from this week's episode that are available.

More of the feminist bookstore! I love that these were actually filmed at a Feminist bookstore here in Portland, In Other Words, the last volunteer, non-profit feminist bookstore in the U.S. I was also excited about a post on Portlandia's facebook page with a statement from the store director insisting "feminists DO have a sense of humor." This clip also feature Aubrey Plaza, from Parks & Recreation:

The other clip from this week's episode expands on the line from the Dream of the 90s song "In Portland you can just put a bird on something and call it art!" I put off watching this one until the episode aired, so I knew I'd have something to look forward to. It makes me laugh, but I actually really do like things with birds on them a lot! I agree with Carrie's character here, I didn't even see that tote bag until it had a bird on it, and now I think I'd like to get myself one. It's much cuter. They also set up a website for adding birds to other websites:

It's only a six episode season, which means only 4 more episodes!

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