Saturday, October 23, 2010

Portland Walk: Cathedral Park & St. Johns

Cathedral Park
Cathedral Park is just plain pretty. I'd been wanting to get over there since before we even moved here after seeing pictures like these. We hadn't gotten around to it yet since it does take something like 45 min. to get there on transit, but we happened to have a task that required we be over that direction this week so it actually made sense to check it out.

Fishermen St. Johns Bridge
We spent some time in the park just hanging out, taking silly pictures of ourselves, checking out the shore and the fishermen, and once again trying to identify a flock of tiny little birds flying tree to tree, way too fast for us to successfully capture them in photos.

Portland Water Pollution Lab I'm on the Sculpture

Also of interest by the park is the Water Pollution Control Lab, which I recognized as a building designed by the Seattle firm Miller|Hull. Chuck was busy checking out the Rain Garden while I interacted with the public art. I assumed since there were footprints on the piece I was supposed to stand on it, which I did.

Not pictured is the guy we saw in the St. Johns neighborhood wearing flannel, a trucker's hat, and what I can only assume is the next trend for hipsters: a parrot on his shoulder. (actually, I really hope that's not the case since parrots live a long time and are a very serious commitment.) St. Johns is also home to Held Vegan belts!

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