Sunday, October 17, 2010

Walking around Shandon in Columbia, SC

Shandon is a neighborhood in Columbia, SC, where my friend has lived in various residences for the past several years. I got the grand tour, finally, since this was the first time I'd gotten the chance to visit her in Columbia. I also took a nice stroll around the area on my own. I noticed some commonalities as I wandered: Large &/or wrap-around porches (pictured below), dormer windows, and front yard benches or swings. Also, a few of the homes I notices had the same neat chimney cap:

Walking Around Shandon Wrap-around porch

All of this reminded me of the great section in Sun, Wind & Light that reviews regional prototypes and how they are the best responses to the local climate conditions. (I would tell you more about it, but some of our books are still packed up in boxes, pending the purchase of more shelves.) Personally, I think it'd be pretty lovely to have a big wrap around porch in any climate.

Columbia seemed more hilly, with a greater variety of plant life than I had somehow suspected.
Trees on trees Walking Around Shandon

I also like that the South seems to be able to pull off all white and all pink houses fairly well:
White House Pink House

And when you think of South Carolina, you probably think of all the crazy politics and politicians that have come out of there in the past few years. Well, I've been reminded that Columbia is one of the more liberal parts of the state. On the one hand, we saw a car festooned with republican yard signs on the way in from the airport (which I might have tried to snap a picture of if i had been more alert)  but on the other hand, I did find a green party yard sign on my walk in Shandon:
Green Party
I was also told Chicken Man sold Obama t-shirts during the presidential election. So you see Columbia has all types

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