Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The other side of the U.S.

I just flew across the US, which I think we've decided officially makes me the guest coming from the furtherest away for my friend's wedding!  I managed to completely skip a full night's sleep which actually wasn't too hard with the aid of loads of coffee. Today I slept in nice and late to make a full recovery. The kitty and I are getting used to each other, she's a super pretty shade of pale yellow:

I was bribing her with treats so I could take her picture, she's getting much less nervous about my presence as I give her more and more treats and rubs. 

I spent yesterday exploring Columbia a little, and hopefully I wasn't in such a sleepy state that I actually remember some of it. The State House grounds here are impressive, with many large trees, statues and some southern color. (By which I mean the confederate flag. I don't see it every day.) Squirrels and people are very friendly, although the former I think were angling for some food from me. I also sat down on a bench next to a lizard, a nice reminder that the flora and fauna here are much different. I got a few pictures of him but many of them were blurry since he scared off easily.

State House Columbia from the State House
Just a few standard pictures of the state house for now, I will have to share more of the highlights when I return from my trip.

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