Sunday, March 21, 2010

Only 66 weeks in the making

Organic Chuck Cardigan

Of course it spent some time as an Unfinished object. That's probably an understatement. No particular reason, I started it thinking I might get it done in time for Chuck's 2009 birthday, and when I didn't make that goal, perhaps it effected my motivation. But I've recently been trying to eliminate the UFOs. Of course that didn't stop me from starting and finishing a small project in the meantime:

Ribbed Lace Bolero

And I was thinking about calling this post something or other to do with pencils since the yarn in Chuck's sweater was a graphite colorway, and mine was a kind of pencil yellow.

Anyway, it occurs to me this was actually my first full sweater project, with full length sleeves. I guess I tend to be drawn to the 3/4 or short sleeve length projects, or even sleeveless. So next time I stash for a sweater project, I might consider that a project with sleeves might be a good idea. Meanwhile I think I have plenty of yarn lined up for more short sleeve projects, which I suppose is fine considering it's spring now! Right...sorry Chuck that I didn't finish up the sweater with better timing for the season. On the other hand it did snow yesterday, so he might get a wear or so out of it before it gets too warm!

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Leslie said...

Nice flickr photos of your projects & nice work, too. Congrats on your last exam. About the ribbon--there is a store here w/ lots that I will one day drive past, so thanks anyway for the offer. Mom will be here w/ us in Tucson a week from tommorrow--looking forward to her visit--we'll be looking to see what you've posted. Leslie