Sunday, March 14, 2010

Making Progress

Happy Pi Day & happy the daylight savings day I don't like because you lose an hour. Also Happy Birthday to Einstein. The Chicago St. Patrick's Day activities were yesterday, though the holiday isn't until Wednesday. It was cloudy and rainy, which I thought was nice, but not so great for going up to see the festivities. Oh well, it was sunny and we made it last year.

I got my score back from my last test, Construction Documents and Services, one that I'd heard was pretty difficult from friends who have taken it. I passed! I'm still pretty excited about it. I'm more than half-way done now with 4 down. There are 7 tests total, so I figured the time between taking the test and getting my score for it was exactly half-way. It's actually supposed to take 6-8 weeks to get your score back, and I got my report within 3. It's always fun to go to the testing center and watch most other test takers in other fields get their scores back on the spot....on the other hand the tests themselves are stressful enough, and I kind of like having to wait a little bit. But I sure get nervous when I get that envelope in the mail. Anyway, all that's left now are the very difficult ones with

I'm mostly still spending my time studying, but I did start a simple project that I think I can do fairly mindlessly while I review and review my study materials...and while I take a break here and there from doing so. It's the Ribbed Lace Bolero which has a near seamless construction, you knit up a rectangle and then simple do a tiny bit of seaming at each end for little sleeves. It seems like the perfect project for someone wanting to take the next step up from knitting rectangles, but maybe isn't ready for a full sweater just yet. Or, if you're like me, a quick & satisfying project with minimal seaming!

I'm working in a nice yellow cotton-ease color, maize, that I picked up on sale. Again, I feel a little skeptical of yellow w/my skin tone, and now I'm making a second yellow-ish sweater! But I really like this color, it is much more autumnal as opposed to the bright lemonade of the Frontier Jacket. I'm sure I'll find uses for them both. I plan on wearing this one with more brown, and the awesome kindle cover (it has a little stand, for reading hands-free) Chuck got me recently matches perfectly and helps prove those colors go together nicely! (pictured together here)

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