Friday, March 12, 2010

Recommended for Viewing: The Garden

A few nights ago we watched the documentary The Garden about the urban farm in South Central L.A. (it's available streaming on Netflix for members.) The farm was 14-acres, making it one of the largest urban gardens, in a neighborhood that sorely needs community-building spaces and activities. Needless to say this isn't the happiest movie, but it's one that as someone in planning/design profession, I feel is very important to see. It did get some recognition as a nominee in the documentary category of the Academy Awards last year, but nonetheless, I hadn't heard of it before Chuck pointed it out to me (it relates somewhat to the thesis project he's wrapping up this semester.) So I just wanted to bring it a little more attention. There's also a great entry about the farmers on wikipedia that includes a listing of some of the types of plants that were in the garden, which in itself is quite amazing. There's is a bunch of stuff on that list I've never even heard of, and all I eat is plant life. Clearly I need to learn more about farming. Watch the film! And also check out the South Central Farmer's website for updates; they even have a twitter if you are so inclined.

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