Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Bunny Nuggets

Well, if I had spotted this pattern a day later I wouldn't have finished these guys in time for Easter. Each one took me about an evening, and then once all the parts were done, there was a lot of finishing work. I just happened to be browsing the ravelry vegan groups shared projects at the right time, and as soon as I saw these I had to make them for Easter. I get a little obsessive about using up entire balls of yarn, so when I find a good project that helps me get rid of scraps, I'm pretty happy about it, plus this project was perfectly seasonal. There's still a touch more of the Blue Sky Alpaca's Organic Cotton remaining from Chuck's Sweater, but I used up all the scraps remaining from the spiral hat and matching mitts (which I won't be needing much longer since it's finally spring here, uh, hopefully.)

Ravelry seems to have started a sharing feature, which allows me to provide a link to my project notes which even non-ravelers can check out, so here is the link for the bunny nuggets project, including yarn info, etc.: Not sure all that info is particularly interesting to anyone who isn't a knitter and/or isn't already on ravelry, but on the other hand, I have linked to ravelry from the blog before knowing only other members can check out those links, so in the future my links should all be accessible to anyone who stops by. Raverly rules.

Speaking of which they were featured on the Sunday Morning show recently, which is worth check out here.


VeganCraftastic said...

Your Bunnies are so cute! And thanks for posting about the new Ravelry feature, I hadn't heard about it yet.

Emma said...

I just happened to notice it earlier this week, usually I miss stuff like that!

Leslie said...

Grandma thinks your bunnies are really cute, too. We also went to your ravelry page. Can we only see the project you select? or can we go further into your ravelry site? Leslie & Grandma

Emma said...

Thanks, yah I think that that's how it's set up for now, but it's an improvement!