Friday, June 20, 2008

So many things

Last day of work was today, to be followed by a week of move-prep. The big move for me happens July 1st. Cat + Plane = stress, as anyone who has talked to me in the past three months is aware. (and for cat fans that's been the topic for the past year or more) Chuck will leave with the stuff (kept to a minimum with the help of Craigslist and an invite to crash a friend's yard sale tomorrow) the day before. But the last day of work was today. I believe I got a little weepy and had to leave without tracking down everyone in the office to say goodbye lest they make me cry. I promised to stop back for a visit during my move prep-week. And I will try to bring cookies. It's been a rough few months at that office with several departures, illnesses, a broken hand, and death in someone's family (to name a few issues)....cookies are well deserved.

I did get to leave early though, and enjoyed my last meal at the pike place market with the boyfriend. Sisters "nasruddin" sandwich. Eggplant, olive tapenade, hummus and wonderful bread. All happens to be vegan too. I left vowing to recreate it myself in Chicago, though I'm sure it won't be the same. I followed it with very non-vegan gelato...because, well, my last indulgence as a person that works next to pike place market.

We followed that with a fact-finding mission to Ikea. It would be senseless to buy anything now, but it was an excellent distraction from my weepiness regarding leaving a pretty awesome work environment. I'm not sure what facts we found. Though they do have a sale, and I found out at least one item I believe will be quite handy in the new space is involved, and this sale will continue until just after the move. Some items I think we determined we are less interesting in than we though, and others seemed as useful and inexpensive as expected. Ikeas of Chicago (they have two) we will see at least one of you soon!

Meanwhile, Chuck and I are both ebaying some stuff (I had a Collectible Barbie phase, I admit, it's well past time to let that go!) craigslisting, and using that yard sale for whatever is left. Hopefully before to long the only thing left will be my furniture piece, a few knicknacks, a rug, and our clothing and books. Our second move across a good chunk of the country contrasts with the first, this time is all about less...

Oh, additionally, I don't know if I've posted about it here, but my Mom & Dad are also moving to Chicago. When we went for our apartment hunting trip a few weeks ago, we saw my Mother briefly before her interview downtown that Friday. Last Friday we heard she got the job. My Mom & Dad are sorting all out, a first big move for them, and will be moving to Chicago shortly after Chuck & I get there, within a month. This maybe a little cheesy, but the John Lennon quote (I was raised with great appreciation for the Beatles) "life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans" has been one that I've always been struck by. Right now that has more meaning than ever and it's all working out very well...with or without a plan.

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Kayce said...

We'll miss you! Hope the move goes well!