Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cat+Plane=Stress Update

So the vet gave us a list of sedatives to try on the cat ranging from lavender oil to Dramamine and a prescription sedative. Dramamine being on the low end of the spectrum (but not quite as low as the lavender) we tried that last night. First of all, despite our cat being one of the best pill swallowers I've ever seen, I am not very good at giving a cat a pill by myself. Secondly you have to quarter the pill. So, like aspirin, it tastes really nasty once it gets broken up. So between those two things it must have been pretty unlike anything Lucy's experienced before. So she produced the gooeyest, nastiest drool I've ever experienced in an attempt to expel the gross pills. And it dangled from her face...and she ran all over the apartment. For some reason I really have a problem with drool as well, it makes me sick. Fortunately this time Chuck was here to take care of it (though I don't think he was aware of my problem with drool and was reluctant to be the one to take care of it) but I'll have to get a lot better at giving a cat a pill in the next few days....or else I'll have a lot of mess to deal with very early in the morning before my plane takes off.....


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Original Cyn Studios said...

Oh Emma, I don't envy you. I traveled many a flight with my cat back and forth from Wisconsin and Chicago to Denver and it was never easy giving the pill. Good luck...with the cat and the move. We'll miss you.