Sunday, June 29, 2008

Circus Contraption

At some point during our first month in Seattle we went to The Empty Space theater in Fremont (now closed, unfortunately) to see a play called "Frakenocchio." Lovely Tim Burton like puppets, a twisted circus sideshow plot and a live band called Circus Contraption.

Since then we've gone to see several shows and performances with Circus Contraption. And they've all been lots of fun. They've ranged from seeing them busk in the market, to performing as a band at the Croc, to circus tent themed plays. Last years Halloween party at the Showbox was just about as much fun as I can imagine a Halloween party could be, I mean it ended with a reenactment of the zombie dance from Thriller after all. What could top that?

Anyway, I was pleased to get tickets for their "Show to end All Shows" for our last weekend in Seattle. It seems appropriate. And since we've currently have no distractions whatsoever and very little furniture in the apartment, it was a well needed distraction.

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Rekoj said...

Fun! Circus Contraption is superb! I first saw them at Bumbershoot some time back...