Friday, June 27, 2008

Messing Around

Taking some time away from packing to mess around with the blog. Too much packing becomes too much packing after a week of it. So I mess.

We are near done I think, the major thing remaining being the kitchen stuff. We still have a few items to sell on craigslist & I have to figure out laundry. I suppose I'll clean what I've got, pack it and start living out of a suitcase soon. I have 4 days. Chuck is leaving the day before with the car so that he'll get there the same day I do...with a lot of dedicated effort put into driving. And I get to take the cat. (No one got the better end of that arrangement!)

So today we took a trip for a bit downtown to go up on the observation level of the Smith Tower.
I've wanted to do that for a while, it was nice. Cheaper than the space needle, and you get to see all 35 floors as you pass them due to old fashion elevator construction. I got a little dizzy.

Otherwise It's going. I feel satisfied that I've eliminated a lot of extraneous stuff at this end, but I think unpacking I'll decide to get rid of more. I intended to go through everything to make sure we weren't taking a thing that wasn't essential and/or extremely sentimental, but at some point it's too exhausting...and then it all just goes into a box. But in addition to the trouble of moving stuff, it's also such an effort to find a good space for it. Though we are talking of renting one of the storage lockers in our building I think it's probably a good idea to eliminate what I can.

And so this all sounds exhausting and it is, but I am also thinking happy thoughts about Chicago. My parents are there now looking for a place and last I heard it sounded like they were having good luck. I already have tickets for us to go to the Pitchfork Music Festival, we'll be living comfortably close to Grant Park, which has many free concerts and events. Not to mention all the new restaurants and shops to check out. And when we get there there will be fireworks. Well, I suppose that's actually cause there's a national holiday....but the timing is appreciated.

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Rekoj said...

You are almost on your way and then there will be fireworks in Chicago and the fun of UNpacking will begin - Which is always my most favorite part of a move - after you get all the furniture situated to start pulling out the goodies that make "home" home. Best of luck on your travels towards home!