Monday, April 14, 2008

Tulips and such

So somehow after getting up early to make it to my exam on Friday we still weren't done with the getting up early. Saturday morning we got up early and drove to the Skagit valley for the tulip festival. It was more of a showing of daffodils, tulips not quite blooming yet. Which works out okay since we saw a lot of tulips a few years ago it was nice to experience all the yellow. My photos can be seen here:
and Chuck's from this year and the previous excursion are here:
We also wandered around the town of La Conner which has lots of cute shops.

Back on the subject of my exam - I was confused that I finished early. It was supposed to be a 5 hour test so that's what I expected. It turned out to be pretty easy I think and I left the test with an hour and a half on the clock. I never leave tests early, spare time is time to check and recheck and then check it a few more times. Well I did all that so I left! I had to wait a little bit for Chuck to pick me up...not sure what to do with myself..I start walking around and right next door to the testing center is a cute little bead shop. A sign to reward myself? I think so. Well I didn't go crazy, I was just please and amused to find the place.

I'm somewhat happy to be back in a regular work week with no tests to worry about right now. I've got one more coming up at the beginning of May, but I've been preparing for that for while. Hopefully that means there won't be as much boring talk of exams!


Anandi said...

good luck with the results of your exam! Must be nice to have it over and done with :)

I love the new banner on your blog.

Emma said...

Thanks! Yeah, it's nice to have one down, unfortunately I still have 8 more to go!

Woven Chains said...

Emma, I hope you did fabulous on your test. Why on earth would anyone torture someone with that many tests?!?

On a totally different note, I totally **need** the purple necklace in the banner on your blog, but I'm not seein' it in your Etsy shop. Is it still availble?

Thanks, Trina