Saturday, April 5, 2008

Good food

I just got back from the Georgetown liquor Company in Georgetown. It's a part of Seattle Chuck and I hadn't really explored until a few weeks ago. We both took quite a few pictures and put them in our respective flickr pools. There's a rather large and old building, formerly Rainer Brewery Cold Storage, being torn down for development by Sabey Construction. As unfortunate as that is, I think as architects we have a similar fascination with buildings coming down as we do with them going up.
Anyway the food there is great. All vegetarian with geeky sci-fi names like the Picard and the Frac. To be honest, that combined with a pretty good jukebox and a couple of old nintedos and ataris to play with would be plenty to convince me, but the food is also very good. Next time we visit Georgetown we will have to check out the other vegetarian restaurant Squid & Ink.

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