Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Making Mutilples

Quilt Inspired Gocco Raincloud notepads
That of course comes pretty naturally to gocco. One of the reasons I'm excited about doing a show soon is because it means I can make lots of gocco prints and not think too much about "okay now what am I gonna do with all these things." Sure I can put a few in the Etsy shop but there doesn't really seem to be a great reasons to make lots of anything. Other than the feeling of wanting to get the most out of my screen and light bulbs. But I'm doing a show soon! I need things to show! And a few for the shop, a few for myself....I suspect the gocco machine won't be getting any rest this month.

Multiple Choice
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I've also had fun making my jewelry in multiples. The same item in different colors is a satisfying result and I can tell that it helps me improve my skills. (should there be a 'z' in skills? Maybe not.) Once I've gotten through all the upcoming busyness (not sure when the heck that'll be) I think making in multiples is something I will continue. It could make the shop look quite pretty!

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