Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knitting Hats

I've made 2 attempts at making hats recently. Neither have gone very well, but I've learned to knit in the round and it goes pretty quickly. I'm not going to post pictures because they haven't turned out very well.

Updated (got a little busy this week, kinda threw this post out to attempt to keep to my schedule): The first had I learned knitting in the round on my way to go snowshoing and finished a whole hat on the way there and back. That was pretty exciting. But then I found out I cast off too tightly and couldn't get it on my head. So I undid it and dropped some stitches in the process. It looks alright and matches a scarf I made so I think I will fix it up when I get a chance.

The second one I started monday and worked on it a little bit in the evenings this week. It was the same pattern, but in a different kind of yarn. The first one was a fluffy yarn making it a little hard to work with, so I thought I would try the same pattern in a yarn that would allow me to see what I was doing a little better. It's turned out alright, I guess will see if it looks better after blocking it, some of the stitches are loose. But at least I didnt' drop any!

It isn't my first go at knitting a hat, and I guess actually not my first knitting in the round, but it is my first knitting in the round with double pointed needles. Last year I made the Kittyville hat from Stitch'n'bitch. It worked from the bottom up, whereas these (a free pattern from Berroco for chincilla yarn) work top down. I probably will have some photos up eventually, after I put some effort into finishing these hats off! I didn't mean to sound so negative about it when I posted earlier, I was tired I guess. I'm actually excited about my progress knitting hats!


Anonymous said...

If you can knit at all you've got me beat!

Emma said...

It's taken me a while to teach myself!