Wednesday, February 13, 2008

EtsyRain Swimmy

Originally uploaded by emmakat79
What is it about a button eye? I was struggling a little bit, not very convinced about what I had attempted with my swimmy entry up until I added a button eye. Then it suddenly seemed like a nice friendly fish.

Once I did that I got the idea to add some spirals by stitching on silver sead beads. It kind of made me think of the spirals up at the Ballard Fish Ladder here in Seattle. I think I may like to add a few more, but it's getting late!

This is a response to the call for orange fish to surround a handmade swimmy recieved at Etsy HQ with some friends. Swimmy is the name and main character of a children's book that Etsy's founder, Rob Kalin, sees as the inspiration for etsy's vision.

The Seattle Street Team EtsyRain decided to send entries in as a team, and try where we could to work in the team name. Some have started popping up in our flickr pools:

And there's also a flickr pool for everyone sending in Swimmys Called Underwater Diorama


Glorious Hats said...

Nice article. It has been fun to see the swimmy movement taking shape and all the fish that have been created. Yours is so cute.

juliajae said...

I love your Swimmy!