Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Sale of 2008!!

Earthy Necklace
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It took some time but it finally happened. I'm please to be sending the Earthy necklace off to a different part of the country. As soon as I get home tonight I'll be packaging it up to ship asap!

It's particularly satisfying to sell this one since it's a similar style to one of the very first necklaces I made for etsy. The tassle necklace, pictured above, in my blog's banner, was one I made for myself orginally. I liked it so much I made it again for the shop.

Which brings me to the thought that I really need to kick myself in the butt tonight and photograph some stuff. Tassle currently isn't in the shop. It's hanging out in expired items at the moment because I felt I wasn't happy with the photos I had for it. And so I haven't relisted it yet. As I mentioned before I have a bunch of new stuff to photograph and list as well. So feel free to send me psychic "get your butt in gear and take some photos woman!" messages this evening!

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Rekoj said...


Now go take those pictures so you can sell more!!!!
And I'll... ahem... do the same... =)