Sunday, April 10, 2011

Work In Progess: Clowder of Cats

Emma's Cats

Apparently I have choices for how I refer to a group of cats: clowder, cludder, clutter, kendle or kindle of cats. All very cute. Anyway, I thought since I have Kat in my shop name, it was finally time to try to get some cats made for selling. So today we went to pick up some yarn for this (and other) purpose(s). I've finished my first larger cat in gray, well except for the face and other finishing. I'm hoping I can make up a few more larger kitties and some smaller kitties the size of my previous triangle cats. Okay, enough blogging, off to furiously knit up a kindle of cats and a bunch of kindle cozies!
Also note, in anticipation of the show my shop has had some of my usual selection deactivated for the month. It will be back to normal some time after the show! (Mid to late May, or early June? We shall see how it goes!)