Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Roller Derby! Rat City vs. Rose City

Guns n Rollers vs. Throttle Rockets

We went to roller derby over the weekend, to see the Rat City Rollers (Seattle) play the Rose City Rollers (Portland.) We went to Roller Derby quite a bit in Seattle after seeing them play Key Arena at Bumbershoot one year. Roller Derby is pretty much the only sport that either the boyfriend (Chuck) or I enjoy watching. This was an exhibition bout, and all of Seattle's teams played all of Portland's in 30 min long games.  So we went not sure who to root for. Seattle, after all, had a really good documentary made about them, Blood on the Flat Track and we are most familiar with their teams. Still, we were anxious to learn more about our current hometeams!

Okay, so I was rooting for my favorite team from Seattle, the Derby Liberation Front, to win the first bout. Burnett Down was our favorite roller girl, but I guess she retired in 2009. And DLF lost to the Portland Team, Break Neck Betties! Other than that I hadn't decided who to root for. Guns'n'Rollers (pictured above) made a pretty great entrance, and the hot pink zebra print is great. But, they played the Throttle Rockets and lost. Grave Danger, from Seattle, beat the Heartless Heathers by quite a bit. 

High Rollers Warming Up

The High Rollers (from Portland, pictured above) played the best game of the night against the Sockit Wenches.  Hurricane Skatrina & Honey Hellfire were great jammers for the Portland team. All in all it was a fun evening, and it had us wishing we'd managed to check out the Windy City Rollers when we lived in Chicago! Maybe we can take my parents some time when I make it back for a visit?

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