Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weekend Recap: Treats & Crafty Wonderland & Calendars!

Peppermint Cake & WIP Blondie from Petunias

We braved the somewhat more rainy than usual rain on Saturday to run over to the PSU Farmer's Market on Saturday morning after I saw Petunia's Pie's and Pastries post it would be the last one they attended. (the last market until next spring is this weekend!) It's so hard to resist every week, that was just excuse I needed. I got the peppermint chocolate cake because it was so pretty, while Chuck got the Blondie, which I had a sliver of, it was amazing. I was also really impressed with the band who were carefully crammed under tent, each with hats on, still happily performing despite the rain, and they even had a small crowd. Impressive!

Crafty Wonderline

And of course we went to Crafty Wonderland, which was overwhelmingly awesome. We waited in line to try get some of the goodie bags, and as is my standard luck, the last one went to someone from the group just in front of us! (That's happened to me before!) But no big deal, it was still nice to be there before it got very crowded, although that didn't take very long. We ended up hanging around until 2pm -ish with a break for coffee & crowd watching in there somewhere. I'm not even sure where to start with all the awesome vendors, just click anywhere on this list!:
A few I liked: Tako Fibers, littleblackrabbit and Puji studio. But I didn't see much I didn't like, so I'm still working on add many favorites from that show...

Six Chicago Calendars Ready!

We also spent some time this weekend getting some 2011 calendars of Portland and Chicago printed up for the orders I've had so far, and a few more for future orders. They're all packed up and ready to go, and there's still time to get them shipped out before the 20th, so they arrive by Christmas! (hint hint) Portland has been a lot more popular than Chicago so far, but I'm hoping that evens out somewhat!

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