Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shipping News

There's still just enough time to order stuff on the internet and receive it in time for Christmas day. This is my current shop announcement regarding holiday shipping: 
"My Standard Shipping prices are for USPS First Class Shipping. The USPS indicates that the cutoff date for receiving packages by Christmas Day is Dec. 20th, so if you are shopping for gifts, I recommend placing orders no later than Dec. 17th. If you need your order soon, contact me and we can discuss pricing for faster shipping!"

   Six Chicago Calendars Ready!

If you order by end of day tomorrow you should get your order by Christmas day, and I will do what I can to get any orders out quickly. Pretty much everything in my shop is ready to go so really, technically, you can still order from me this weekend and possibly still get your goodies by Christmas Day. Like I said, I'll do what I can at my end &/or you could contact me to discuss other shipping methods at additional cost. For holiday shipping Etsy is usually plugging their "shop local" feature heavily around this time of year. If you happen to also be fairly close to Portland, OR there's an even better chance your order will get to you quickly, so keep that in mind!

I can't resist posting some selections for you here. I've still got a few seasonal items, winter/christmas-y, if you're looking for last minute stocking stuffers, or gift packaging, and a few I just think would make nice gifts!


And if you end up shopping extremely last minute, but have access to a printer & some nice paper, and don't mind just a little DIY effort, you can purchase either of these PDF Calendars right up until the last minute (but be sure to save yourself some time to do the cutting!) 


Oh, one last thing to keep in mind, check that your PayPal address & Etsy address match. I always check too, but it will add time in contacting you to make sure I send stuff to the right place. Not a ton, but this time of year, every bit counts!

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