Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday is late in the week for a Weekend Recap, but...

I'm doing it anyway!

Over the weekend we made our first excursion out of Portland. That sounds like a bigger deal than it was. I wanted to get out to a Joann's to take advantage of seasonal discounts on yarn. It's the kind of chain that's never all that close to a downtown in any city. While there is actually one technically within Portland, it turned out to be quicker and easier for us to go to this one. It isn't quite as easy to get to as the ikea, which is pretty much right next to the transit stop. No, we had to walk a while to get to the Joann's and it was all very car oriented i.e. unpleasant for pedestrians. So we went, got the yarn and came back to the city. Maybe there are better parts of Beaverton to check out...but we didn't see anything that stood out much on this trip.

Pop-up Shop Window
We did a lot of different, small things over the weekend. There are a bunch of pop-up shops here, which I've been planning on doing a longer post about. I stopped by Crafty Wonderland's...again...and I have my fingers crossed that someday that will be a permanent shop. (also, their craft show is this weekend, I'm thinking about going early to try for the goodie bags!) The picture above is from a window at Downtown Artistry.

We also stopped in to the (permanent) toy store that has been calling to me since we moved here, Finnegan's Toys & Gifts. They made me happy by having a Wembley fraggle puppet, and some really cool science kits including a miniature sustainable house.

Lastly, we also went to two craft shows going on around Old Town that I heard about fairly last minute, thanks to tweets by PDXEtsy. The first one was in the space by the ACE hotel called the Cleaners, the event was called Sunday Best. There were a few vendors I think we had seen at the Give Handmade Market, but a few we had not. Also, I thought it was interesting that Laura Irwin, author of  Boutique Knits, had a table there, she seemed to be selling some hats and other accessories, copies of her book and some pretty golden sparkly yarn. The other event was the LaCoCO Artists Market which reminded me a little of the Punk Rock Flea Market in Seattle. There was a little bit of everything there, but the highlight had to be the vegan truffles:

So I got to posting about the weekend very late this week. I've had a busy week, which has included 3 orders on Etsy! Two in the same day, today, which I think is the first time that's happened, and I'm thrilled about it! I can't believe it's Thursday already, this week has gone fast. Not much more time before Christmas...

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