Sunday, December 12, 2010

Links: Christmas stuff to make!

After getting our tree up this year I decided that this should be the year that I at least get the poor thing a tree topper or a skirt. I'm not planning on beating myself up about it if I don't get both done, but we've had the tree for a while now without either of these things. I once bought a tree topper at World Market, but since this an apartment sized tree, it turned out to be too large and I returned.

Anyway, my first thought was that I really like the bird ornaments we have in the tree, and I thought making an Owl, perhaps with a santa hat, as the topper would be super cute. But I don't really want to buy more supplies for this project right now, especially considering I've thought about it for a week now and haven't really thought up a way to execute the idea. Maybe by next year I will have it figured out. So I thought in the interim I might make one of these as a topper, via Craft (the images are also via craft, I haven't made mine yet):


We also did some strolling & shopping yesterday, and I noticed the Keen Store (which has really neat shoe displays) has a paper snowflake constructed from old floor plans. I've been slowly adding to our snowflake window and I thought making a really big one of these would be a lot of fun, so we looked up a tutorial on wikihow (again haven't made mine yet):

And speaking of birds as ornaments, I will definately be printing out some of these on cardstock to hang in our tree, by Lisa Rupp of That's Happy via bugs and fishes:

And speaking of that tree skirt, design*sponge had a pretty lovely looking one with a tutorial this week:

And lastly I think this is lovely, but I probably won't be trying to make it, at least not this year. From The Country Chic Cottage via Craft Gossip, a tree made of sewing patterns!:

It's a great time of year for crafters! I know you probably don't need more to do, with the Christmas shopping, cards, etc., but these are too much fun to resist. I hope I find time to make most of them!


VeganCraftastic said...

So much cute stuff, I might have to try making a paper snowflake!

Emma said...

Yay! I'm all about the paper snowflakes this year, they are fun!

affectioknit said...

Cute! I love the bird ornaments!

Mariss said...

Those birds are so sweet! What a great idea. I need to make a tree skirt one of these days too...maybe next year ;)